On the Back of the Stallion

by Robert Green

On the Back of the Stallion

THIS IS HANDS DOWN one of my very most favorite of Mr. Green’s stories. And I must say I’m very thankful that he was able to stay alive long enough for me to meet him . . . and everything else that followed that auspicious event. As they say, the rest is history. But still, my dream guy might have been handily eliminated by this “compact, muscle-bound, bow-necked, speckle-rumped, wild-eyed, spit-slingin’, high-velocity, jet-fuel-burnin’ locomotive engine with four legs.” ::shudder::

This story is the perfect opening for 2014. When we climb on for the ride at the beginning of a new year, we usually don’t know what sort of animal we’ve straddled. And sometimes, it’s a wild ride that threatens all our presuppositions and comfortable paradigms. Sometimes we wonder if we’ll survive it, but here we go.

Hold on, my friends, hold on.

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