The Tailor of Gloucester

by Beatrix Potter

The Tailor of Gloucester

CHRISTMAS DAY ON EDDINGS HILL has been a glorious delight. This morning, as I was preparing our traditional Christmas brunch, I enjoyed the thought that it doesn’t get much better than this: all six of our children are home, (we’ve added a second son-in-law and we can’t imagine our family circle without those two now), the pleasure of home cooked foods along with the joy of having our daughters in my kitchen again, and one of them at the piano playing Christmas music that wafts through the house while the guys play games or relax, working up an appetite. Nope, it doesn’t get much better than this.

It’s been a good day for reveling in the memories and traditions that we’ve shared all their lives. I hope your homes have been full to the brim with the stuff of future memories and enriching traditions today.

This dearly loved tale by Beatrix Potter could not be shared at a better time. She must have understood the selfless spirit of giving.

For all Mr. Green’s vocal skills, a British voice is not in his repertoire, so we’re sharing a different reader with this offering—perfect for this English classic. She’s the real deal. Do listen to the delightful reading by Marilyn Saklatvala as you enjoy “The Tailor of Gloucester.” Such a treat! 

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