AS I’VE SAID BEFORE, I take my sandwich seriously. There is immense sensory satisfaction in the eating of it—the juxtaposition of colors, flavors, and textures, and the whole process of making it is an exercise in anticipation.


Today’s sandwich: Toasted 12-grain bread, Hellman’s mayo on one side and Jack Daniel’s mustard on the other. I laid a slice of good creamy Havarti on the mayo side, and on the other I piled 4 slices of turkey pastrami, and rings of onion (enough crunch to stand up to the softer layers).

Sandwich inside

I slid both slices back into the toaster to heat till the cheese was melted and the other layers were warmed. Then I added sliced avocado sprinkled with kosher salt and restaurant pepper, and slices of campari tomatoes (which are always red and flavorful. I know, not local. So shoot me.), with a few grains more Kosher and pepper for the tomato’s sake.

Sandwich with little red peppers

My add-ons of choice were a few excellent cherry peppers and some thin, white corn tortilla chips.

Izze - Sparkling Grapefruit

. . . and of course, my Izze. Gave up sodas a long time ago, but when I really want some fizziness, an ice cold Izze hits the spot. This one’s my fave.

mmm, lunch. I don’t always eat a sandwich for lunch, but when I do . . .
I make sure I’m completely obsessive about it.