Stories on CD

WE’RE MOVING into the annual Sprint-Flat-Out-From-Thanksgiving-All-The-Way-To-New-Year’s-Day Run around here, so I won’t give you the long version of this. (Leck is relieved.)

The short version (Leck’s favorite) is this:

We’ve put all the stories on two CDs—all the downloading and hassle done for you—PLUS a FREE BONUS CD with nearly 15 hours of some of the very best readings from, already packaged and ready to play.

Check it out.

We did this same thing back-when with You Need a Story (except, there was only a Volume One that time around), and folks gave them as gifts during the holidays, apparently with great success, judging from the amount of good feedback we got. There was a symbiotic thing goin’ on: it helped them with the hassle and helped us with a bill or two.

More later. (—Leck, you’ll be the first to know.)

Hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving!