by Robert Green


UNTIL NOW all of the stories I’ve posted here have been classic stories by well-known authors.

But I’ve decided it’s high time I introduced some of the work of my own best beloved. And it is logical that the first one of his stories to go up should be the first one that went up way back when he was posting his readings fresh out of the box.

“Behemoth” is his account of how when he was a boy he was burning the trash … well, I won’t be a spoiler.

Suffice it to say the incident was pretty traumatic for him as a little kid.

He grew up, of course, to be among other things the technical guru-hero for Eddings Hill and a right mature citizen. But he told me the other day he was listening to the reading to double check the sound before it posted and when he came to the part in the story where he screams for help he got choked up just remembering it.

To this day.

(I got all mothery and wanted to go find that little boy and take him on my lap and console him.)
. . . . . . . . . .

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