As this year comes to a close, there appear in my mind a few things that have not yet come to pass which I would like to share with you. Some are close at hand, some are quite distant, yet they all have one thing in common: They are all eagerly awaited by myself.

I’m looking forward to…

blogging more
I do intend to start trying a little harder in the Blog arena. It is healthy, you know.

having my sisters at home for a little while

getting another iPod at some point in the future
When Steve was stolen at the beginning of the semester, I was crushed. But I recovered quickly, and now once again enjoy the pleasure of not feeling the need to “phone up” every time I’m…doing…something……all the time, basically. But the joys that Steve did bring are ever filling up my memory space. I miss that little guy. All 2GBs of him.

going in January and again in February to the Sacred Harp singing held in Oxford, MS

Highly acclaimed mandolin virtuoso and musical master Chris Thile has formed a new acoustic band, Punch Brothers. Their debut album from Nonesuch Records, Punch, is slated to be released February 26, 2008 (at the release of their previous album, How To Grow A Woman From The Ground, they were ticketed as the How To Grow A Band). It’s gonna be groundbreaking.

Grace Chapel’s December meeting

reading Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis
It’s fiction, and it’s by C. S. Lewis. Apparently, it’s a “must”.

finishing some of my music
I’m becoming more and more aware that you sort of have to put some gritty work into a song or a piece of music. You can’t just scribble a little bit whenever the Muse comes along. Sometimes she’s pretty shy. Especially during the school year.

Through the Window of a Train
The underrated bluegrass group Blue Highway will release their 8th record also in February. All 12 tracks on the record were written or co-written by the members, so it’s completely fresh work. Their last album, Marbletown, which was nominated in 2006 for the IBMA’s Best Album award, was super good. But this upcoming record is thought by the band to be their strongest yet!


track next semester
I’ve really enjoyed running cross country this year. It’s been extremely beneficial. I once wrote down 10 pros to running in a little notebook, but I lost it, so, I’ll try to remember as many as I can.

  1. Physical strength
  2. Concentration and focus
  3. Bonding with fellow runners
  4. Healthy use of energy
  5. Physical coordination
  6. Self control

getting to Romans

diminishing the contents of the bin of sentimental junk under my bed
Slowly, but surely, I’ll get it down to the bare essentials. I’m not the sort of person that takes his box of Stuff down the driveway to the trash barrel in a moment of truth-and-revelation and dumps it in without looking. No, I get rid of it bit by bit as my attachment to it slowly peels away so as to make it not hurt. Like a band aid on your arm hairs.