I am going to fly for the very first time on Tuesday. Or, rather, on Tuesday I am going to fly for the very first time. I look forward to this experience with no trepidation. Some I have talked to have described flying as something that one should look at as a Pekingese dog would look at a vet when going to have its monthly shot. But I am very excited about trying my wings and am looking forward to a rough take-off. I like excitement of that kind, you see.
However, never having done anything like this before, I was hoping that you could give me some advice about what to take/do on the trip over. I think it will be only an hour flight, nevertheless, I want to have all the experiences of flying that I can in that flight. Oh! And I will have the flight back in which to revel. Yay! I’ll be going with Dan, so he can show me what to do, but I’d still like some input from our loving blog followers…if we have any left, that is. :-)

Note: This post is dedicated, with fondest love, to Rebekah.