Nickel Creek
Sean Watkins
Chris Thile
Daniel Gooch
Lisa Ault

Yesterday Molly and I went with two of our friends from choir, Daniel and Lisa, to see Nickel Creek at Mississippi College in Clinton, MS. We left at 3pm to drive 3 1/2 hours one way and didn’t get back till 2am, but it was well worth the trip!
Nickel Creek was of course, as Daniel put it, ridiculously incredible. This is their “Farewell For Now Tour” because they are breaking up the band after this, but plan to reunite in a few years.
They played all the old favorites, opening with The Fox, and closing with The Lighthouse, and also some new ones. They have grown up but still connect with the audience in an incredible way. During the third number the audience on the ground floor rushed the stage; we stood about 4 feet from the stage for most of it…you couldn’t stay seated for anything – the music was too intense. It was so incredible to be so close to them while they played. Seeing their faces added a whole new dimension to the performance. I wished for all of you who love Nickel Creek to be there with me.
All four of us bought t-shirts that are very cool. We would have stayed till they came out to their van but it was Tuesday night and we had a long way back.
We realized half way there that none of us had brought a camera, which was really aggravating; but we did use our camera phones, so these pictures are really little. Daniel and Lisa look a little crazy…but they are really nice!
Great, great experience that can’t really be described with words. You know.