They only, who are trusting in His death for their salvation, can truly appreciate and celebrate his birth.
~A.W. Pink

The God that filled the universe suddenly confined to womb! The creator
made of a woman! Immutable God undergoing mitosis! (The spiritual, unchangeable,
indivisible God was growing by the process of natural cell division.) When God
was a man Omnipresence walked! (Think about it. God had always been everywhere.
Now he walked to get there!) Omniscience learned! Limitless strength grew weary!
Eternal peace was troubled! His hands held the world, yet he had no where to lay
his head! The feeder of the birds hungered! The Living Water thirsted! God —
asleep on a pillow! The Almighty said, “If it be possible.” The All-Wise asked,
“Why?” A man-made nail held the hand that none could stay! Sovereignty sighed!
Omnipotence cried! Eternity died?!? Oh, how amazing our God is!

~Elder Jeff Winfrey