rachel tsunami

I stumbled onto this quite unexpectedly last night, and I’m really excited about it:

The History Channel will air, this Sunday night at 8pm (probably Central), a 3 hour dramatized documentary called Dangerous Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower.

Go to www.mayflowerhistory.com and follow the link to read Caleb Johnson’s lengthy and thorough review of the full documentary. Caleb Johnson is apparently the foremost authority on all things Mayflower, and he is very impressed with the accuracy of the production.

This site will offer a link to the History Channel website, where you can play an interactive game about the Mayflower to earn the privilege of seeing the first 10 minutes of the show. Pretty cool. I had to do it twice to pass the test!

Sounds like it would really be worth recording. We don’t get network or cable tv, just have the screen, so we can’t do it, but somebody really should.

Also, would somebody tell me how to hide a link in plain ol’ words you can click on without typing all the www.stuff?