by rachel tsunami

Because of our family’s strong ties to Harmony Hill Singing School, the question has come up through the years with almost predictable regularity. As our children and their cousins, the Beauch Boys, have grown from toddlerhood into their cognitive years, there have been the inevitable questions about those ties. And the conversations have often include the dawning of the idea of geneology in their fertile minds.

Just how is it that we are so connected with that place and the events that take place there? Who owns it? Where does the buck stop? Just who was Roy T. Denman? Today it was time for another round of all that, and I joined mr. incredulous just as ham ‘n cheese was struggling to explain:

ham ‘n cheese: Mama, can you explain to Shafer about Harmony Hill?

me: Sure. It’s like this: Many years ago, your Granny, and your great-grandaddy Roy were in a Real Estate business together (which I explained), and they saw this piece of land that was on the top of a hill, and it had room for some buildings and tents, and you could watch the sun come up over the lake, and they believed it would be a great place to have a camp singing school for young people and their families. So they bought it to have a place for what became Harmony Hill.

mr. incredulous: Wow. So then he owned it?

me: Well, no one person owned it, you see. He founded it.

mr. incredulous: (…incredulously) Wow! Really?…Where did he find it?