by rachel tsunami

It’s inescapable. I’ve always loved well-crafted writing, and I married a graphic designer who has worked in advertising for many years. One of the results of that is that we really enjoy excellent advertisements together, both for their design elements and for good, well-written, effective copy. [“copy” is the words part of a print advertisement.]

I just came across this ad in a foodie magazine, and I think it deserves to be shared. And btw, it really does make me want to find some of this bottled iced tea and taste it. That’s the hallmark of an effective ad. But for now, here’s the copy. Just lovely, with or without the tea. It reads well in Late Summer especially:

Mayor Wanted. The Town of Gold Peak Seeks a Mayor.

Must be a believer. Must believe in the impenetrable beauty of
[oooh, i like that part.] Must believe in six year olds running by a
lake with sparklers and chocolate ice-cream smiles. Must believe in the evening
wisdom of porches, kitchen tables and two chairs by a lake.
[and that part.]
Must believe in the divine symphony of the lap of a canoe paddle, the cry of the
loon, and the rustle of maple leaves in September breezes. Must believe in
parades, picnic blankets, and the loyalty of boat dogs. Must believe in the
crisp and sweet purity of grass between the toes and of tea between ice.
[this is great!] Must believe in Nathaniel Hawthorne when he whispers happiness is as
a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you
will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. This is that place. This is Gold
Peak. Mayor wanted.

If you believe, visit
and tell us why.
Gold Peak. What it Tastes Like Up Here

George Grant could be their mayor. In fact, he could have written this. He believes strongly in parades, picnic blankets, and grass between the toes.

(If you’re interested in good advertising, visit the site. Somebody found a great ad campaign just waiting to happen.) Somebody tell Dan to look at this.

Well done. I don’t even know what state it’s in, but for a few minutes, I want to move to Gold Peak.