by rachel tsunami

I spent a really neat day, yesterday, on the U of M campus—had some coffee and danish in the university bookstore, business in the Art Dept., business in the Bursar’s office, and spent some time watching people as they traversed the campus between classes. I saw Molly, Kathryn, and Beka some, but mainly stayed busy just trying to look like a hip, young, 2o something college student, which effort was largely unsuccessful I am sure.

It took me back a little; I had fun in college. But I didn’t have anyone on campus that I shared the really important things with. So I also enjoyed knowing that today—somewhere out there—were Beka, and Andrew, and John, and Seth, and Ryan…(am I leaving any-UofM-one out?) attending their classes, and just plain ol’ being there for Moo and Multi. And not just for the safety-in-numbers factor, but for the fellowship, support, and plain ol’ fun they’ll all have together.

What a great year this will be! Viva la!