Been flirting with doing a family blog for about a year now. We generally don’t rush into things. (See the date on the previous post.) It started out as just a technicality; I had to be a blogger to access other blogs. Then it became a joke, as the comments will attest. Then a sort of a dare. And now, well, there it is.

I realize that for many of our good friends who might be reading this, the blog thing has peaked and isn’t such an interesting novelty anymore, so our timing may seem a bit off the beam. And it is probably fair to say that those of you who only had a virtual existence during the school year have discovered a real life in the plethora of summer activities. But I’m betting the cycle will come around again. (As cycles always do.)

However, one of our primary motivations for pushing this through even now—because it is summer and we have a little time—is because it has always seemed it would be a good vehicle for sharing information with some folks in our extended families: Beauchamp/Chandlers, Denmans, Greens, and Davises. Sort of a weak alternative to all those cards I should have written to aunts/uncles and cousins, and all those holiday here’s-what-we-did-last-year letters that have written themselves in my brain but never found a way out. If you are family, and you got word from me asking you to visit our family’s blog, you’ll know that guilt had something to do with it.

Also, admittedly, we’ve missed out on the satisfaction of having a venue for the mishmash of ideas, favorite poems and pictures, and slice-of-life snippets that are just too good not to share.

So there. Our raison d’être.
Our reason for being.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the test key and you can check your answers.